Tastes good at 18 and at 80!

Raise a glass!

The more than 140-year history of Jacobi 1880 is as dramatic as it is moving. It’s one of becoming and of passing, full of both lofty peaks and sombre valleys. A real odyssey, in other words, and it’s worth celebrating today as something of a miracle in its southwest German home of Weinstadt. That’s right: Jacobi 1880 is back, and the thrilling story that has already helped guide the fortunes of three generations of a local family can finally continue.

The Jacobi distillery

It was on 15 November 1880 that a company by the name “Jacob Jacobi” was first entered into the commercial register. The man behind the endeavour, a merchant of the same name from Stuttgart, declared his intent to “manufacture and trade in liqueurs and spirits”. Now, fast-forward through the turmoil of two world wars – from the initial consolidation of power and expropriation to the reparations that were eventually made – to 1953, when the undertaking that had evolved into Weinbrennerei Jacobi GmbH was acquired by Carl Stein and Heinz Böhmers. It would then develop into one of the most well regarded distilleries in Germany. Following the untimely passing of Carl Stein, his son, Jürgen, took the helm in 1957 at the age of just 21. In 2000, Jürgen and his brother Claus departed the company after more than 40 years of successful business dealings. Weinbrennerei Jacobi also left its headquarters in Weinstadt behind, and with that, Jacobi 1880 embarked on the next phase of its odyssey – one in which the fickle winds of globalisation sent the time-honoured trademark drifting from one owner to the next. Just before Jürgen Stein’s own passing in 2020, however, his son Alexander (founder of Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin) managed to reacquire the rights to the Jacobi 1880 brand and the once-famous “Jakobiner” liqueur. Even the company’s previous production facility is now back in the hands of the family. Weinbrennerei Jacobi is home again!

A new recipe

The new Jacobi 1880 VSOP is a complex blend of 11 different distillates from the Airén, Baco, and Ugni Blanc white wine grape varieties. These distillates mature for up to six years in wooden barrels made of French Limousin oak of the finest grain. In the process, they develop a warm, iridescent amber colour and their own individual aroma profiles. The base wines, the distillation process, and the maturation are essential to the resulting brandy, which is why an impeccable level of quality needs to be maintained throughout. The highest form of this art, however – and the key to producing the best brandy or cognac – is the assemblage, meaning the expert blending of multiple distillates of varying vintages, varieties, geographic origins, and stages of maturity. This act of composition is what gives a brandy its own unique characters and transforms it into a complete masterpiece for the senses. The superbly balanced recipe behind the new Jacobi 1880 has the potential to make it a shining icon among German brandies. Before this fine old libation is bottled and finds its way into snifters near and far, osmotically filtered water is added to bring it to its final drinking strength of 41% ABV.

A new flavour

Its refined bouquet, elegant flavour, and striking amber colour truly come into their own when the new Jacobi 1880 is enjoyed at room temperature from a large, classic snifter. Its top note is a marvellous interplay of fully ripe plum and juicy apricot, which meld into crisp caramel and subtle vanilla before quickly giving way to candied fruits and sweet spices. The smooth, full-bodied finish is accompanied by a lingering medley of enticing aromas.  

“The assemblage of the new JACoBI 1880 VSOP is a work of art. Masterful, surprising and simply irresistible. A great brandy.”

Federal Association of German Brandy Drinkers e.V.



Because brandy and cola were simply made for one another!

4 cl JACoBI 1880
40 cl cola

Combine all the ingredients in a long drink glass and off you go.


6 cl JACoBI 1880
3 cl white crème de menthe
1 sprig of mint

Stir all ingredients with ice and strain into a glass of crushed ice. Garnish with a sprig of mint.


6 cl JACoBI 1880
3 cl sweet vermouth
0,5 tsp simple syrup
2 splashes of aromatic bitters

Pour the Jacobi 1880, sweet vermouth, simple syrup, and bitters into a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake well and strain into a chilled glass.

More information at jacobi1880.com