Saddle up for a Bourbon with a little extra
Kiss, taste or ride the Horse With No Name

One plus one equals two – it doesn’t get much more logical than that, does it? To make one and one add up to three, however, you need some real magic. It takes a little something others don’t have; something that defines uniqueness and the constant pursuit of it.

Enter The Horse’s Spirit Company, which was founded in the Black Forest in 2020. Its aim? To blend the centuries-old distilling expertise of its home region into the traditional production of American whiskey, thereby capturing the best of both worlds on a new quest into the spirit realm. Saddle up!

We have the bourbon handcrafted in Fort Worth, Texas. For our very own “All Git-Out” recipe, the award-winning Firestone and Robertson Distillery uses only the finest yellow dent Texas corn, soft red winter wheat, six-row distiller’s malt and a proprietary yeast strain captured from the Texas pecan. Four years of ageing in charred oak barrels give the bourbon an intense spectrum of flavours ranging from vanilla and spices to oak, coconut and fresh flowers.

To spice up our bourbon in the most literal sense, we use a habanero distillate produced in the Black Forest using traditional and artisanal methods of flavour extraction. To capture their exotic essence, our fruity Red Savina habaneros (Capsicum chinense Jacquin) are thoroughly milled and then macerated in molasses-based neutral alcohol for about ten days.

Following maceration, the result is carefully distilled in a 100-litre still, diluted with natural spring water from the Black Forest, and finally left to mellow in earthenware tanks for several months. The heat caused by capsaicin (the spicy substance in chillies) is kept out of the distillate, meaning you’ll get the fruity habanero experience without turning your tongue into a burnt offering. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?

„I love it. After I rubbed it on my horse’s thigh,
he jumped higher, ran faster and now even
speaks German. It’s the hot shit, but not spicy!“

J. Wayne, Cowgirl


Cowboy Schorle

4 cl Horse With No Name
12 cl Coke
Lemon slice (for sophisticated cowboys and cowgirls)

Self-explanatory. Glass doesn’t matter. Always works.

Horse’s Neck

5 cl Horse With No Name
1 dash of Angostura bitters
10 cl ginger ale
1 lemon peel twist

Pour Horse With No Name into a glass filled with ice cubes, top up with ginger ale and add a dash of Angostura bitters. Garnish with lemon peel.

Habanero Texas Mule

5 cl Horse With No Name
4 cl ginger beer
1 dash of lemon juice
1 habanero chilli pepper

Stir all ingredients well with ice cubes and serve in a glass garnished with a habanero chilli pepper.

More information at horsewithnoname.com